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“Fuck you. Pay me.” by Mike Monteiro

I recently had a friend and old freelance partner mention to me they were having long term issues getting paid by a client and sent them this video. Besides the humorous title it’s actually a really informative video on why you need a lawyer, good contracts and how to protect yourself in business relationships. Disclaimer: Read More

iOS 7
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Upgrading to iOS 7 beta

So after reading this post on reddit this morning about upgrading to iOS 7 I thought I would share my experience in upgrading here. Step 1: Download the appropriate update from iMZDL depending on your hardware. I used the torrent version and it downloaded very quickly. Step 2: Connect your iPhone/iPad and launch iTunes. Step Read More

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Why it’s awesome to be a nerd

I personally prefer the word “geek,” but I think Wil Wheaton really nails it as to why it’s so awesome to be a nerd. The only problem is that I love so many geeky things I don’t know what type of nerd I am. #firstworldproblems

Twitter Music
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Twitter Music Launches

So Twitter Music launched today, which is something very close to my heart. For those who don’t know, Twitter Music was born out of We Are Hunted, a company I used to work for. First impressions The design is awesome. It’s not as minimalist as We Are Hunted was and lacks some of the cooler Read More

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Power Eating: Tamagodon

I’ve recently fallen in love with a great dish that I’ve been eating a stack of and I wanted to share the recipe. Recipe: My Changes: I use brown rice instead – much better for you! Use shallots, not onion. It’s just better. Boil your rice before you plan on cooking the meal and Read More

Retina Image Retention
Posted on March 21, 2013 by

MacBook Pro with Retina Issues

So after several weeks with my MacBook Pro lid shut and using a $150 cheap external monitor for work I decided to resume my crusade to see if Apple will replace my MacBook Pro with Retina. Currently the display has such bad image retention that the display is hard to use and the cheap external Read More

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